Occupy San Luis Obispo County Information

"Our lives begin to end the day
        we become silent about things that matter.
                                                Martin Luther King Jr.

USSC Citizens United vs FEC

Constitutional Individuals are biological, not fictitious

Priority #1:

Returning the Country to one person, one vote Democracy.

Representing Biological Individuals since 1789 -

US Constitution

"In the midst of these pleasing ideas we should be unfaithful to ourselves if we should ever lose sight of the danger to our liberties if anything partial or extraneous should infect the purity of our free, fair, virtuous, and independent elections. If an election is to be determined by a majority of a single vote, and that can be procured by a party through artifice or corruption, the Government may be the choice of a party for its own ends, not of the nation for the national good.

If that solitary suffrage can be obtained by foreign nations by flattery or menaces, by fraud or violence, by terror, intrigue, or venality, the Government may not be the choice of the American people, but of foreign nations. It may be foreign nations who govern us, and not we, the people, who govern ourselves; and candid men will acknowledge that in such cases choice would have little advantage to boast of over lot or chance."

John Adams - Inaugural Address in the City of Philadelphia, Saturday, March 4, 1797

Accruing Ideas

Bring about government that is more responsive to and representative of individual US Citizens:

−     Get big money out of politics.

        Teddy Roosevelt pointed out that Public financing of elections, would ensure that no particular donor has an outsized influence on the outcome of any election, and would “work a substantial improvement in our system of conducting a campaign. (1907 State of the Union)”

Solve the K-Street Lobby Problem

−     Paid mercenaries with flashy brochures 24/7 in
       Washington DC whose voice is so loud it drowns out
       the common constituent.

      ⊕ They are even writing the legislation.

      ⊕ Time to put an end to this crap.

Foreclosure Arbitration

−     Require Manadatory Arbitration prior to any foreclosure

      ⊕ Paid for by the industry contributions to a public fund.

Long term jail sentences for those CEO's and Boards of Directors that gamble workers pensions away or,

−     Require Mandatory Pension Trusts that can not be
        lost due to bad manangement or "investment"

      ⊕ Ruining peoples "golden years" in the name of
         personal profit must end now.

Stop the Gambling with Commodities that are necessities.

−     Creating fictitious shortages to drive up prices
       is certainly not capitalism, it is fraud.

      ⊕ And the perpetrators should be treated as such
         in an expiditious manner.

Reinstate good Banking Regulations

−     Fight for Glass-Steagal+ legislation and get it

      ⊕ It is no coincidence that the financial collapse
         occurred within years of the repeal of the
         protections put in place after the great depression.

      ⊕ Keeping investment companies seperate from
          peoples savings companies means no bailout
         necessary. Let the "investment" gambling suckers
         lose all their own money anyway they want.

      ⊕ No low interest loans out the backdoor of the FED
         " for Investment" Companies. Let the chips fall
          where they may.

Repeal the 'illegal to sleep unless you are a property owner law' in the State of California:

Every person who commits any of the following acts is guilty of disorderly conduct, a misdemeanor:

(e) Who lodges in any building, structure, vehicle, or place,whether public or private, without the permission of the owner or person entitled to the possession or in control of it.

Getting foreclosed on your house, fleeing domestic violence, or getting booted out by your ex-sweetie becomes disorderly conduct, even if you sleep in your car. There simply must be another way of getting to the intent of this without violating basic humanitarian laws, imprisoning people for 6 months in our overcrowded jails, and attempting to fine the penniless for sleeping.

Get the Public restrooms open at night in San Luis Obispo:

Is this the only city on the central coast whose bathrooms close at 10:00 PM? This is also the largest City which hosts 30,000 students many of whom like to revel until 2 AM+ downtown, not to mention those that like to take walks at night, or those that ride their bikes across town at night.

Should I let my child play in the creek, or the parks?

One would think the City would recognize as one of its primary duties the Health of its own citizens. Much more important in fact than say .... statues or tiling the streets for $700,000+.

This feels a bit "let them eat cake-ish."

Beginning at the City level we need to work our way to the County, State and Federal Government requiring that every city have public bathroom(s) open all night.

In politics,
is not speech
It is bribery.

What has the United States Supreme Court done?

Foreign interests have considerable ownership and control in many corporations referred to in this multinational age as "US" Corporations. The Supreme Court in Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission has opened the floodgates to foreign interest dollars significantly impacting our elections.


Looks impeachable.


The founding fathers contrived to check and balance power to the extent that each citizen of the country percieved their voice was equal to other citizens voices. In this way the founding fathers sought to avoid discontent and the possibility of insurrection.

Assuring that each citizen had a voice in the new representative government was important to the founding fathers. Having just fought a bloody revolution to overthrow government in which citizens had no voice it was of primary importance that the government they replaced it with did not immediately result in the same.


The Occupy Phenomena

Not too surprising in this post 911 era, some levels of government and government agencies are responding to the Occupy movement as a threat and reacting from that assumption. It has even come to light that lawful protest is being characterized as a form of "low level terrorism" in some government circles.


It is not a form of low level terrorism of course, both the US Constitution and the California Constitution recognize the right to speak freely and assemble as the most fundamental of basic rights each citizen has. That some local Government has sought to undermine the right to assemble and speak with the application of ordinance or even the creation of ordinance to discourage free speech and assembly is somewhat disheartening.


Occupy is a movement whose initial aim was getting to the root of problems involving monetary influence in government. It aims to make government more responsive to all citizens, and thus bring about better government. The Occupy Movement is not anti-government nor is it necessarily at odds with government.


It may be anti-Government corruption, anti-Government wastefull practices, anti-Government overstepping, but that it is simply saying that the Occupy Movement is for good effective representative Government, not anti "government."


To the extent that elected or unelected officials in government attempt to undermine a citizens right to speak and assemble there will be contention of course.