Occupy San Luis Obispo County Information

"Our lives begin to end the day
        we become silent about things that matter.
                                                Martin Luther King Jr.

The Courthouse occupation history  

The physical Courthouse presence lasted: from 10/19/2011 to 3/4/2012

137 Days, 6 Hours!

That's pretty good for a small town : )

The last effective Courthouse Vacate Notice.

Friday, 3. 2. 2012    Category: Notice to "dis-Lodge"

Penal Code 647(e), The illegality of sleeping in California

In the last Notice we find that the County Administrator has made some slight changes to the wording. The County Administrator, the Sheriff and the County itself support and protect the "right of all individuals to engage in free speech and exercise their right to assemble .... the "during business hours" clause of previous notices has been dropped.

The list of prohibited lodging items has one added item: " shade structures" in the list of structures and items not allowed on courthouse property when assembling or exercising free speech.

Previous Notices

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In this Notice we find that the County Administrators, the Sheriff and the County itself support and protect the right of all individuals to engage in free speech and exercise their right to assemble "during business hours."

11. 18.2011    TheThird, a Notice to dis-Lodge   

In this Notice, "Camping" means: Just being on public property between 10:00 PM and 7:00 AM.

Public water has not been used, nor has cooking taken place onsite, nor has any electricity from public outlets been used, since the 1rst Notice, but the 2cnd Notice didn't notice.

11. 03.2011    The Second Notice to Campers.   

In this Notice we are told it is UNLAWFUL to demonstrate between the Hours of 10:00 PM and 7:00 AM (no real American believes it however.) Camping has been redefined to mean erecting tents and sleeping. As for all the rest: all cooking gear was removed after after the first notice, and no one washes their plates and dishes, since we have been forced into the wastefull practice of using paper plates and plastic forks and spoons. As for Potties! We have Honey Huts Donated, but of course the County refuses to let us put them anywhere on their (our) property.

It is only lawfull to demonstrate between 7:00 AM and 10:00 PM? Did Martin lead us astray?

10. 28.2011    The First Notice to Campers   

In this Notice, "Camping" means: Just being on public property between 10:00 PM and 7:00 AM.

A word to other would be Occupiers

10.28.2011    One Step at a time. One day at a time.    We will get there. Because we are simply not going to stop.

If you have something to say in America, and you find that you are prevented from saying it. The first battle becomes the battle for the Right to speak freely. Once that battle is won, then move ahead and say what you were going to say.

  • Who are the homeless in San Luis Obispo?
    – People without a home.
    – Generally families, couples, and individuals, adults and children.
    – In the City itself there are over 1309 people who are homeless – 489 of these people are children, and 20 are seniors.
  • Depending on who you ask and the time of year:
    –There are between 95 and 250 beds available at shelters.

  • In the County of San Luis Obispo there are over:
    –3774 people who are homeless.
    –1849 of these people are children under 18 years old.
    –113 of these people are seniors.

  • Numerous reasons exist for homelessness.
    – Loss of a job.
    – Unable to make a mortgage payment precipitating foreclosure.
    – Unable to pay rent.
    – Choosing between life saving medications and rent or mortgage.
    – Escaping domestic violence.
    – Suffering Post Traumatic Stress from the Armed Services, or a life    crisis.
    – Diagnosable and treatable mental illness, but not able to afford health     insurance.
    – An erstwhile 'sweetie' just kicked someone out of the house.
    – Adventuresome or rebellious youth on a journey.
    – Unable to afford schooling and rent simultaneously.

  • In the State of California finding yourself in one of these situations with no place to go is considered "disorderly conduct," under Penal Code 647(e).
     In that out of necessity a person discovers they need
     to sleep at some point and they do. The penalty is
     fines and even jail time.

  • People that face this possibility every night are:
    – 954 people under age 18 in North County.
    – 301 people under age 18 in South County
    – Countywide 1245 individuals are female,
    – 2528 individuals are male.
    – 96% view english as their first language, and
    – 60% consider themselves residents of San Luis Obispo County
        prior to becoming homeless.

    – 30% having been born in San Luis Obispo County.

  • There is no doubt whatsoever.
    – The homeless are definitely part of the 99%.
    – Some fairly new to homelessness were living in gated
       communities not so long ago.


3/4/12 Sunday

The continuous Occupation Ends

The very last tidbit was taken away by OccupySLO today. The San Luis Obispo County courthouse plaza will still be used as a gathering place for meetings and marches.

12/5/11 Monday

Proposed Government Center Use Permit

San Luis Obispo County General Services Agency has forwarded a tentative Government Center Use Permit Agreement to a member of the community and he has posted it at the occupyslo.org website.

11/24/11 Thursday morning

Between the hours of (Wednesday) 10:00 PM and Thursday 1:00 AM all canopies, chairs, tables, posters, art supplies were stolen (every single last little tiny item.) There were witnesses. At approximately 10:30 AM an incident report was filed with the San Luis Obispo Police Department (SLOPD) naming the perpetrator(s) and the list of stolen items by 4 of the individuals who had personal items taken.

The SLOPD went to one of the perpetrators houses and told him to return the stuff he took. The SLOPD gave us the option of pressing charges. We refrained pending the return of all items stolen.

Two of the perpetrators then came to the courthouse in cars with some of the items including the canopies. All items were not returned however.

We will file the list of items still missing (including expensive electronics,) on 11/28/2011 under the same case number in the hopes that the items will be promptly returned.

That the perpetrators in this case are people who we had assumed supported the occupy wall street movement and the will of the OccupySLO General Assembly is somewhat disheartening. That they do not understand the OWS Movement, its decision making process, or the spirit of consensus has become quite clear.

11/22/11 Tuesday morning

At around 4 AM or so Peace Officers arrived at the Courthouse Plaza and found one Occupier reading (Ghandi of all things) in the Canopy and one Occupier who had fallen asleep sitting up in a chair who had wrapped himself in a sleeping bag because of the cold.

The Reading Occupier woke up the sleeping Occupier and conversed with the Peace Officers.

11/21/11 Monday morning

At around 4 AM or so, about 20 Peace Officers showed up at the Courthouse.

What they found were the 3 symbolic protest tents left on the courthouse lawn and some people awake in the Courthouse plaza canopies.

San Luis Peace Officers took down the symbolic protest tents (it was bound to happen sooner or later.)

Two travellers heading to Occupy LA from Occupy SF had arrived late and were in sleeping bags down by the law library. They were told by the Peace Officers to wake up, get up, and be packed in 5 minutes or face arrest.

They packed up. No one was arrested.