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"Our lives begin to end the day
        we become silent about things that matter.
                                                Martin Luther King Jr.

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- Be aware of new Federal/State legislation and Executive Orders

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Support House Joint Resolution 48

Tuesday, January 31, 2017 - Constitutional Amendment Introduced in Congress clarifying that

Consititutional Rights are the rights of natural persons only. Not fictiious Corporations.

Things to do:

   Write or Call the City Council members   

San Luis Obispo, California, hosts 30,000 students at Cal Poly State University and  Cuesta College.

The nightlife can be quite busy in downtown San Luis Obispo. And the revelers are encouraged to walk home when enebriated.

The City of San Luis Obispo inexplicably closes its public restrooms at 10:00 PM, when arguably they are most needed between the hours of 1:30 AM and 3:00 AM in the morning, when enebriated people singly, in pairs and groups are traipsing through Mitchell Park and the Mission.

Now I don't want to gross anyone out here, but these folks gotta go, when they gotta go. No public restroom means the bushes in the kids area at Mitchell Park, and down by the Creek in the Mission. Even the most rigorous potty training can't help you if there is no potty.

In addition to the students there are a lot of folks who like to take walks around town at night, or ride bicycles. It would be great to have a bathroom available. Most businesses have a patron only policy, and many have a cover charge to get inside to the bathroom after 10:00 PM. When you add all these numbers up and sum them with the 1000+ homeless folk without beds in the City, it becomes quite a burden on the environment and everyones bladder.

This is a necessary 'cost of doing business' City of San Luis Obispo! Let's get sanitary eh? Open those public restrooms at night please.

Proposed Future and Ongoing Projects
  • Support Local Businesses Campaign.

  • Get the Public Restrooms open at night campaign.

  • Food Not Bombs/People's Kitchen.

  • Find and open a public parking area for homeless with vehicles.

  • Brainstorm solutions for the Homeless with the Homeless Project.

  • Support a California Bill calling for a Constitutional Convention - in re: Corporations are not Individuals.

  • Save us all some money and keep mom and pop stores in business: Switch to straight ATM cards with a Savings and Loan, tell Visa and Mastercard where to stuff their interest, transaction fees, and bogus PCI Compliance fines!

  • Occupy foreclosures campaign.

  • Have Ideas of your own?
  • Feel free to suggest them in the Direct Action Group Forum at the Main Occupyslo.org Site

Elected Officials


Heidi Harmon - Mayor

Dan Rivoire - Vice Mayor

Carlyn Christianson - Council Member

Aaron Gomez - Council Member

Andy Pease - Council Member


John Peschong Supervisor District 1 - Chair

Bruce S. Gibson Supervisor District 2

Adam Hill Chairperson District 3 - Vice Chair

Lynn Compton Supervisor District 4

Debbie Arnold Supervisor District 5

County of San Luis Obispo! We need some Action 4000+ homeless and rising!.


Governor: Jerry Brown
(800) 445-2841

Attorney General Xavier Becerra
(800) 952-5225

State Senator: Bill Monning-Majority Leader
Web Mail
(916) 651-4917 - Capitol Office
(805) 549-3784 - Local Office

State Assmblyman: Jordan Cunningham
Web Mail
(916) 319-2035
1150 Osos St., Ste 207
San Luis Obispo CA 93401
(805) 549-3381


Senator: Kamala Harris
Web Mail
(202) 224-3553

Senator: Diane Feinstein
Web Mail

Representative ( 24th District ) Salud Carbajal
Web Mail

President Trump
Web Mail